Artists with Special Abilities

I was inspired to create this page after learning about the exhibit Seeing With a Different Eye sponsored by the Asperger's Association of New England.

As curator Kathy Clark states: "Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for these artists to show an often-dismissive world that they have abilities of great value. Since people
with AS are neurologically different from the general population, their lives can be extremely difficult. Yet these very differences allow them to perceive the world in a unique way, often expressing their vision in brilliant works of art. They are seeing with a different eye."


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All images provided on these pages are reprinted with permission from the artists.

  occupational therapy art

Bailey Earith is a professional fiber artist. Her business,
Bailey Fiber Art Studio, is located in TN but does
business world-wide. Bailey has engaged in a variety
of art forms all her life.  She has been teaching people
with disabilities how to create art since becoming an
Occupational Therapist in 1983.  She believes in

helping everyone reach his or her creative potential regardless of age
or skill level. 
Bailey teaches often throughout the year as an Artist-in-
Residence.  Her specialty is working in the special ed classroom. She
has been published extensively in magazines and books for both her
studio work and special education projects.  Find out more at, Advance for Occupational Therapy Article Click here
to see her children's art.

occupational therapy imaginary friendDonna Williams is a prolific painter, sculptor, filmmaker,
singer/song writer, poet, public speaker and consultant
in the autism field. She describes the many challenges
of growing up alienated and out of control with autism,
unidentified food intolerances and immune deficiencies
in the first of nine books- her autobiography Nobody Nowhere
Read more about Donna Williams and her many talents at: and check out these

occupational therapy noah portraitNoah Erenberg's art will be show cased in the next edition of
Artism Art : Art by Those With Autism. Read about the book at:
Autism Today. Please view some of my favorite pieces on this
page Noah Erenberg and more on Noah's Gallery Page.

occupational therapy tim sharpTim Sharp loves to travel around the world to his art
exhibitions. He is from Australia and his work
has been
shown at the VSA (Very Special Arts)  Festival in Washington,
DC,  the Sidney opera House and
the National Museum
of Australia . Diagnosed with autism at age three,
drawing was used as a way to
promote communication. 
Meet Tim on his Laser Beak Man website where you
can shop for art and shirts. View some of his pieces on my
site at Tim Sharp.

occupational therapy flowersKindTree Productions, Inc. provides autism resources, links
information including paintings and greeting cards
available for sale by artists with autism.  Please click here
to meet the artists.

girls under the umbrella of autism spectrum disordersAmanda LaMunyon is a young girl with exceptional artistic
talent. She also has asperger's syndrome. Her painting shown
here illustrates the book jacket of Girls Under the Umbrella of
Autism Spectrum Disorders
by Lori Ernsperger, Ph.D and
Danielle Wendel. See more of Amanda's art on her web
site at Amanda LaMunyon.

autism richard wawro
Richard Wawro was a remarkable Scottish artist who
was legally blind, developmentally disabled and
demonstrated autistic behaviors. His works have
received many awards and was collected by Margaret
Thatcher, the Pope and art enthusiasts throughout
Europe and the United States. See Wawro's art at: and an excerpt of
Laurence A. Becker, PhD,'s
documentary at:
Other artistic savant profiles are provided at:

autism art linksDr. Rosa C. Martinez organizes art exhibits in the
United States featuring the artwork of autistic
savants. Read artist biographies and view
art at

artPure Vision Arts is New York's first specialized art studio
and exhibition space for artists with developmental disabilities.

Visit Visit Pure Vision Arts for information on exhibits, view the gallery and
purchase greeting cards.  You may also view these Pure Vision Artists on my site.

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