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                         Disability Awareness Quiz
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Many people with disabilities demonstrate courage and determination
every day as they accomplish the daily tasks of work, play, parenting and
community participation that the non-disabled take for granted. some of
these heroes have achieved highly recognized levels of achievement.
They are a source of inspiration for all of us. The "Disabilities Awareness
Quiz" tests your knowledge of these highly accoplished individuals. Have fun!

Click on the numbers to read the answers.

1.  This woman has established a successful career as a designer of livestock
handling facilities and is a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University.
She has autism and  described her experiences with sensory processing in her
book Emergence: Labeled Autistic.

A.  A. Jean Ayres
B.  Temple Grandin
C.  Carol Stock Kranowitz
D.  Shirley Temple
E.  Liane Holliday Willey

2.  This person has worked for over 14 years to raise funds and awareness to rid the
world of land mines. Herself a victim of a car accident resulting in a below the knee
amputation, she voluntarily counsels people around the world who have lost limbs. 

A. Sarah Bernhardt
B. Tommye- K. Mayer
C. Heather Mills McCartney
D. Elizabeth Dole
E. Patricia Neal

3.  Which of the following was one of the first important jazz musicians to be born in
Europe and a great jazz guitarist.  At the age of 18 this person was injured in a fire,
receiving first and second degree burns over half the body. The left fretting hand was
badly burned and right leg paralyzed.  With painful rehabilitation and practice, this
musician relearned how to play in a completely new way using the third and fourth
fingers only for playing chords but not for playing solos.

A. Rhoda Erhardt
B. Ameila Earhart
C. Amadeus Mozart
D. Linda Burkhardt
E. Django Reinhardt

4.    This Vietnam veteran became a peace activist after being paralyzed from the
waist down during combat in 1968.  He is the author of 
Born on the 4th of July and
along with Oliver Stone was the co-screenwriter of the film based on his book about
his life.

         A. Stephen Hawking
         B. Christopher Reeve
         C. Tom Cruise
         D. Ron Kovic
         E. John Callahan

5.  This young comedian, born in Africa, raised in Minnesota and a headliner at Denver's
Comedy Works won the grand finale on NBC's Last Comic Standing show. He jokes
about his cerebral palsy in his stand- up routines which have brought success and adulation. 
       A. Josh Blue
       B. Christy Brown
       C. Michael Fox
       D. Tedy Bruschi
       E. Frankly Delano Roosevelt

6.  This man was born with Downs syndrome in 1965 into a family which treated him the
same as his older brother and sisters. He is best known as the young actor who starred
as Corky on the ABC TV series Life Goes On and his reoccurring role as Taylor, the angel
of faith on the CBS show Touched by an Angel.

A. Jim Brady
B. Chris Burke
C. Walt Disney
D. Thomas Edison
E. Robin Williams

7.  This singer, blind since birth was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2002 and
the first African American to be awarded the Johnny Mercer Award in 2004 in recognition of
a lifetime of outstanding creative works.

A. Ray Charles
B. Oliver Sacks
C. Mark Haddon
D. Stevie Wonder
E. Itzhak Perlman

8.   This former senator from Georgia is a disabled Army veteran of the Viet Nam War.  He
was severely wounded when he attempted to pick up a grenade he thought had been
dropped by another soldier seconds earlier. As a result he lot both legs and part of one
arm when it exploded.

A. Winston Churchill
B. Ernest Hemingway
C. Max Cleland
D. Albert Einstein
E. Jim Abbott

9.  This senior citizen from New Hampshire led a petition for campaign finance reform. On
January 1, 1999 at the age of 89, she began a 3,200 mile walk across the country to demonstrate
her concern for this issue.

A. Heather Whitestone
B. Granny D
C. Marla Runyan  
D. Marlee Matlin
E. Helen Keller

10.  This highly prolific British writer and university lecturer produced 26 novels in 40 years,
the last written while she was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

A. Amy Tan
B. Rachel Simon
C. Janet Reno
D. Iris Murdoch
E. Patty Duke

Other outstanding individuals with disabilities not included in this quiz include:

Louis Braille Blinded at age three, Braille created the Braille system of raised dot patterns.

Harriet Tubman  Suffered from epilepsy after assault, led slaves to freedom with Underground Railroad.

John Powell Explorer and geologist who lost his right arm below the elbow during the Civil War.

Juliette Low  Founder of the Girl Scouts, was hearing impaired.

Horace Pippin  Painter, suffered a shattered right shoulder during WWI.

Dorothea Lange Photographer with polio,  famous for her work during the Great Depression.

Frida Kahlo  Mexican painter who suffered from polio.

Douglas Bader  Pilot and British hero during WWII, had both leg amputated, flew with prostheses.

Jacobus TenBroek Educator and disabilities rights activist,  was blinded at age 7.

Harold Russell  Actor and disabilities rights activist.

Alicia Alonso  Hearing impaired ballet dancer.

Daniel Inouye  Senator from Hawaii, lost right arm during WWII.  

John Gwaltney  Blind, anthropologist, trained with Margaret Meade.

Beverly Butler  Blind, writer

Audre Lorde Poet, civil rights activist, had breast cancer.

Ed Roberts Disability rights activist, paralyzed from polio.

Henry Kisor  Journalist, book critic, author, is deaf.

Wilma Rudolph Olympic athlete, suffered from polio as a child.

Irving Jordon Educator, is deaf, became president of Gallaudet University (a university for the deaf).

Judi Chamberlin Mental patients liberation activist, suffers from depression.

Wilma Mankiller Chief of the Cherokee Nation has Muscular Dystrophy.

Harilyn Rousso Psychotherapist and disability rights activist has cerebral palsy.

Judy Heumann  Assistant Secretary of Education, uses a wheelchair due to polio.

Susan Nussbaum  Actor and playwright, became a quadriplegic after a car accident.

John Hochenberry Journalist, broke his back after a car accident.

Jaqueline Joyner  Olympic athlete,suffered from asthma.

Jean Driscoll   Athlete, born with spina bifida, repeatedly won wheelchair Boston Marathon.

Resource: Extraordinary People With Disabilities by Deborah Kent and Kathryn A. Quinlan

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