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Learn about this unique treatment tool that uses the
of the horse to promote neuro-physiological
changes in children
with disabilities

Hand Activities and Hippotherapy
Learn more about how occupational therapists promote
fine-motor skills when using equine partners.

Horse Themed Visual/perceptual and Fine-motor Activities
These activities involve coloring, cut and paste, drawing lines and
visual discrimination.

Hippotherapy Blog- for therapists, instructors, families, riders and
others interested in promoting skills using the horse as
treatment tool. Share your stories and expertise.

Hippotherapy Resources
Resources related to riding, therapeutic riding and hippotherapy.

How can parents help carryover the benefits of
hippotherapy after leaving the farm?
Check out this link.
Parent Carryover Activities

Barbara Learns Vaulting at Divinity Farm

Do You need a brochure that explains what hippotherapy
is and the role of an occupational therapist in this
specialty area? You have permission to print this
brochure to share.
Hippotherapy Brochure

Hippotherapy Articles:
Hippotherapy Helps Children with Autism Develop Fine-Motor Skills
Helping Hands
Hand It to Hippotherapy
Horses as Occupational Therapy Partners
Not Just Horsing Around
Hippotherapy Helps Individuals with Autism Develop Skills
Therapy Share: Lacing Shapes Activity

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