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The answer to Question number 5 in the Disability Awareness quiz is A

Josh Blue

Josh Blue, born in 1978  began performing comedy in his college dormitory while attending
Washington's Evergreen State college. By the time he was a senior, he was performing
stand-up every week at a local coffee shop for class credit. According to Stephen Bennett,
president and CEO of United Cerebral Palsy, "Not only is Josh Blue America's funniest
comedian, he's breaking down barriers for people with disabilities.  As a star comedian
and a Paralympic athlete, he has shown millions of Americans that people with disabilities
can live without limits."   Blue is a U.S. Paralympic soccer player and he participated in the
2004 Paralympic Games in Greece. 


Christy Brown

Christy Brown was born into an impoverished Dublin family in 1932. He had cerebral palsy
and was considered mentally disabled until he snatched a piece of chalk from his sister
with his left foot and wrote "mother".  He went on to become an artist.  His autobiography,
My Left Foot
was published in 1954 and turned into a film in 1989.  My Left Foot was expanded
into the novel Down All The Days and became an international best seller.  Brown also
published several other novels and poetry collections. Brown died in 1981.

My Left Foot

Michael Fox

Michael Fox, born in Alberta, Canada in 1961  began acting professionally at age fifteen, 
appearing in television series  Leo and Me and Palmerstown, U.S.A. He guest starred on
several series before receiving worldwide popularity with his role as Alex P. Keaton on
NBC's Family Ties from 1982-1989.   During this time he also starred in Back to the Future
and the sequels. Fox was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's disease in 1991. He
disclosed his condition in 1998 and announced his retired from his television role in Spin
. Although Fox maintains a strong commitment to his entertainment career, he has
been largely involved in the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research which
he launched in 2000. Fox believes that with proper funding scientists can uncover a cure
within our lifetimes. 

Tedy Bruschi

Tedy Bruschi is the New England Patriot's linebacker and three time Super Bowl champion. 
He  suffered a stroke in February 2005 at the age of 31. In February of that year he was taken
to the hospital after suffering from headache, blurred vision and numbness on his right side.
He was released two days later. Although he appeared unsteady leaving the hospital he said
that he felt fine. Bruschi underwent extensive physical therapy at the Spaulding Rehabilitation
Center in Boston, where he literally learned how to walk again. Bruschi made a dramatic
return to football  October, 2005 and is expected to return to a full season in 2006. Bruschi has
joined the cause with the American Stroke Association to raise money to increase awareness
and provide funding for research.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in 1882 in Hyde Park, New York. Following the tradition of his
fifth cousin President Theodore Roosevelt, he entered public service. FDR won election to the
New York senate in 1910 and was the Democratic nominee for Vice President in 1920.   At age
39 Roosevelt was struck with poliomyelitis. He fought to regain the use of his legs, particularly
through swimming. Despite his disability, FDR was elected governor of New York in 1928. In
1932 he was elected to the first of four terms as present and went on to enact sweeping
legislation to help the country struggle through the depression and World War II.

FDR refused to accept being a paraplegic and was determined to walk. He used heavy steel leg
braces and sought many cures such as electric currents, ultraviolet light, massage and mineral
baths. In 1926 FDR purchased a resort at Warm Springs, George where he founded the Roosevelt
Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation, a hydrotherapy center for the treatment of polio patients.
After he became president, Roosevelt helped to found the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.
Roosevelt's leadership in this organization, now know as the March of Dimes is one reason why
his face is commemorated on the dime.


Disability Awareness Quiz

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