Keyboarding and Typing




Free On line Typing Lessons

Custom Typing  Demo
Fingers on the keyboard light up as the student types
the alphabet. A demo soccer game is also provided.
Players type the letters on the soccer court to prevent
the goalie from reaching them .

Dance Mat Typing
Designed for children age 7-11 years,  amusing cartoon
characters motivate children to work their way up the
levels.  After a wrong letter is typed, the correct letter lights up
in the cartoon keyboard and a voice says "type on me"
to encourage correction. Printable worksheets are provided
to work off-line.

Kids Learn 2 Type
This site is packed full of ads and pop ups. But you can take a typing
test to
learn your speed.  Younger  children can engage in activities
without registration.
Activities for younger children in the Tots Typing

            Typing below a short sentence. Each letter to be typed is
            enlarged and colorful while typing it.
            Click and hold Word Search.
            Click to rearrange pictures to make correct puzzle.
            Mazes played with arrow keys
Older kids choose a grade grouping for age appropriate activities and
the type of
keyboard layout used (i.e. querty or Davorak).  A keyboard
picture and fingers are
presented with color coding for which fingers
to use.  Groupings of keys are typed
below models. Only the key typed
below the colorful letter will appear on the screen.
Errors are ignored. 
A Ten Key Certificate can be earned by taking a timed test five
The highest speeds are averaged to determined the final speed.  A
Certificate document suitable for framing is mailed.
(Recommended on Occupational
Therapy List-Serve)
Children learn letter identification and beginner keyboard skills
by typing any letter. The typed letter lights up on the screen with
the letter name vocalized. Three options are provided of either
upper case, lower case letters or numbers.

Nimble Fingers
Tips on typing techniques, photographs of correct fingering for groups of
letters. Students type letter groupings under models. Errors appear in
bright red. Flash cards are provided with four letter words or states.
Players choose amount of time words appear and then types below models. 

Down load Word Wacker at this website for limited games and activities
or pay $24.95 to register. The free demonstrations include: typing in a
provided space below several lines of letter grouping  such as:

aa ss dd ff jj kk ll ;;
aa ss dd ff kk ll ;;
asdf asdf jkl; jkl;
asdf asdf jkl; jkl;
Nimble Fingers also provides a variety of paragraph topics to copy.
They are
divided into one minute, five minute or  flash card terms
and phrases categories.
Peter's on-line typing course is fun and has immediate feedback as
the user types. When the correct key is typed the text changes color.
When the user makes an error a funny sound is heard and the words
"No...try again" apper.

Touch Typing Program
Type or paste text on screen.  A keyboard appears on the screen with an
for words to appear as you type the selected text. A demo of the
first five lesson units is provided at the site.

A variety of typing tests, practice, tutors for different levels.

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Free On-Line Games
Type the numbers as they appear on the screen. Your ability is measured in keys hit per second (HPS). All you have to do is keep your HPS value above the minimum HPS. But be aware that the minimum HPS value will increase as you progress to higher levels.

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Purchased Typing Programs

Disney Learning Adventures in Typing with Timon and Pumba
Disney Learning Adventures in Typing with Timon and Pumba
The Adventures in typing with Timon and Pumba sold by the Disney Company
teaches typing as bugs with letters on them jump out of the jungle.  Children
type the letters as quickly as possible. The characters from the movie Lion
King are used to entertain. Rafiki teaches basic posture, home row skills and
15 typing lessons, while Timon and Pumba help practice proficiency with 5
different games. The games are clever and well planned to entertain and
educate, but children must complete quite a few lessons before being allowed
to advance to a new game. A User Profile helps children focus on areas needing
the most work. This software is recommended for ages 6 and up. (Recommended
on Occupational Therapy List-Serve)

All the Right Type
All The Right Type 3 CD-Rom In DVD Case
All the Right Type designed for ages 9 and up, teaches posture, correct fingering,
printable awards, fireworks and optional games to build motivation. Program
provides links to word processing programs, Practice Pavilion to build speed,
timed writing or speed goal tests and 4 typing games.

Jump Start Typing
Jump Start Typing
Jump Start Typing, published by Knowledge Adventure, is designed for ages
7-10 years, although many older kids may like it, too. Typing speed is reinforced
through competitive games. Children become accomplished typists while
being entertained and engaged in four extreme sporting events including
rock climbing, skateboarding, soccer and snowboarding. Students are
taught proper keyboarding technique, increased typing speed, increased typing
accuracy, correct hand placement and posture. This CD features seven skill
building activities, more than 30 arcade-styled practice games, a diagnostic
test to determine typing ability, movie clips to teach positioning and placement,
auto-adjustable difficulty levels and timed lessons to improve speed and
accuracy. (Recommended on Occupational Therapy List-Serve)

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, published by Broderland, provides more than
221 practice lessons and 103 custom lessons, 14 arcade-style games and
lessons on posture, physical alignment with ergonomic evaluation videos.
( Recommended for older individuals).

Mario Teaches Typing
Mario Teaches Typing
Mario Teaches Typing is geared for children over 6 years old. The characters
and style of Mario, Luigi and the Princess are familiar to Nintendo-playing
children. New users are given the option of a placement test, a step-by-step
sequence of lessons or selection of the appropriate level. Students move
through three levels of typing difficulty: single letter, complete words, and
sentences and paragraphs.  Each level is associated with a different Mario
game. The program does not recognize and suggest corrections for common
errors like missing the home row, cap locks key on, or consistent letter
switching.  After passing all nine lessons, students can print out an award.

Paws in Typing Town
Ventura Educational Systems
P.O. Box 425
Grover Beach, CA 93483-0425
Sales: (800) 336-1022
Paws in Typing Town uses games to teach speed and accuracy and to hold
the attention of children of all ages.  It is geared for ages 8 and up. It features
16 lessons with review, learn, practice and build speed features. Supplementary
games and activities include: Journal, a mini-word processor with graphics,
font, color and style options, a classroom reward pack, Quick-time movies-
one for each lesson and arcade games.   (Recommended on Occupational
Therapy List-Serve)

Read, Write & Type
Read, Write & Type is geared for grades 1 and 2. By using phonics to link
reading with writing, this  program teaches three essential skills - reading,
writing, and typing - simultaneously. Features 40 adventure-filled lessons
and activities helping children to learn. (Recommended on Occupational
Therapy List-Serve
Read, Write & Type

Roller Typing
Roller Typing is based on the roller blading theme as players race and dodge
obstacles. Players learn and practice typing skills through five 3D animated
in-line skating events. There are 20 levels of letters, numbers and punctuation
symbols. The program requires students to learn proper fingering techniques,
as well as develop speed and rhythm in both untimed and timed situations.
Roller Typing

Slam Dunk Typing
Slam Dunk Typing by Creative Wonders is an inexpensive typing game
designed to improve speed. It is geared for age 10 and up.  The on-screen
coach introduces correct hand placement while offering tips for improvement.
The entire keyboard is taught through 70 typing challenges. Customized stats
monitor and indicate keys requiring further practice. (Recommended on
Occupational Therapy List-Serve)
Slam Dunk Typing

Sponge Bob Square Pants Typing
Geared toward 8-10 year olds, activities focus on typing, spelling and writing.
Program includes dictionary and thesaurus. Produced by The Learning company.
Spongebob Square Pants Typing

Sticky Bear
Optimum Resources, Inc.
18 Hunter Road
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
Tel.: (843) 689-8000
Sticky Bear is a variety of early learning keyboard activities for pre-school
through kindergarten-age children. Children can practice from the simplest
drills in home key position to complex exercises that require the full
keyboard. Stickybear Thump builds skills are taught in fast-action game
format. In Sticky Bear Stories, the users practice typing with text in a choice
of categories. Timed practice or an accuracy mode may be selected.
(Recommended on Occupational Therapy List-Serve)

Ten Thumbs Typing
Ten Thumbs Typing teaches touch typing to all ages with games to reinforce
learning. Students learn typing with a Viking. The program monitors progress,
customizes according to skill level, provides the Brick Factory and Safari
Park games and teaches English, Spanish, German or French. (Recommended
on Occupational Therapy List-Serve

Type to Learn
Type to Learn sold by Sunburst is designed for the elementary school
aged student. Colorful graphics and meaningful activities such as typing
the prices of items bought in a grocery store make this program fun.
Exciting animations are motivational.
(Recommended on Occupational Therapy List-Serve)
Type To Learn

Typing Instructor Deluxe
Typing Instructor Deluxe provides lessons at all levels, plus games for older
students with exciting graphics.  Choose from a variety of typing plans or
build your own, teaches typing from dictation,  uses virtual adventure travel
themes, colorful photos, music, games and over 300 magazine articles.
Designed for ages ten and up.
Typing Instructor Deluxe

Typing Tutor
The  Typing Tutor CD is designed for all ages and creates lessons based
on the user's level and needs. Finger placement is explained and shown on
the screen while you are typing. Students can track their speed and accuracy
with graphs. Students can use the QWERTY, Dvorak or 10 key mode. In addition
there are 8 games to improve speed and accuracy. The package is sold with
Writing Tutor and the Simon & Schuster Dictionary and Thesaurus.
Typing Tutor

Ultra Key
UltraKey by Bytes of Learning may be boring for younger students. Middle
and high school students might benefit from the "tests" at the end of the
lesson that let you see what you need to work on and provides accuracy
and words per minute scores. Children need to be self-motivated since
there are no fun games.

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Keyboarding Systems and Adaptive Equipment

"Neo Direct" formerly called "AlphaSmart"
Neo Direct keyboards are relatively inexpensive and commonly used
in classrooms. They are very useful for children who have handwriting
difficulties. It is designed for age 6 or grade 1 and up. The keyboard
comes with a word processing program installed and provides a
calculator, spell checking and thesaurus.

Five Finger Typist
Five Finger Typist is a typing program for individuals who want to keyboard
effectively with one hand, whether using the right or left hand. You simply
place your fingers at the home position on the keyboard and mimic the
animated on-screen hand movements through a series of typing exercises.

You place your hand where it would normally be if you were touch-typing -
that takes care of that half of the keyboard. To type the letters of the other half,
you hold down the space bar with your thumb and do the same finger
movement that you would normally do with the other hand.

Herzog Keyboarding System
801 E. Cam. de los Padres
Tucson, AR 85718
Tel. (520) 792-2550

The Herzog Keyboarding System teaches a kinesthetic approach to
typing. The company sells "hub Keys" which are attached to each
key to give tactile cues for correct positioning. The student is taught
the letters in alphabetical order rather than the "home row" sequence.
Herzog Keyboarding System

Intellitools sells switches, board screens, peripherals, Edmark Software,
Cables, Keyguards
and Interactive Software.

Kurzweil Educational Systems
Kurzweil Educational Systems produces software for individuals with
learning difficulties and for those who are blind.  The program provides
visual and auditory feedback to help students keep up with assigned
reading, learn study skills and complete writing projects and tests.
Kurzweil 3000 includes: highlighting, text circle tools, annotations,
Bookmarks, Voice Notes and and Extract in order to create outlines,
study guides or word lists. Students can listen to synthetic speech as
they follow the highlighted text.  As students type, they can listen to
each letter or word, to recognize and correct spelling errors.

Mayer-Johnson Products
Mayer-Johnson products utilize technology to enhance communication
in special education
populations. Products categorized according to theme,
developmental stage and learning
category.  Boardmaker products use
symbols and graphics to make printed communication
boards. Boardmaker
Plus uses the graphics for the computer interactivity of voice, animation

and video. Writing with Symbols allows you to type words and have the
option of having
picture symbols appear with each word.  The DynaVox
Mighty Mo enables the child to press a symbol resulting in digitized
speech communication with a child's voice.

Word Prediction Programs
Word prediction programs help students with learning disabilities by suggesting
words to us. When words are clicked students decrease amount of typing
required. Some programs provide spoken feedback to help students find mistakes.
Programs may also
assist with spelling and editing.

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