Writing an Occupational
Therapy Book

Have you ever wanted to write a health care related book ?
occupational therapyThe first step is to find out if your subject is
original. This can easily be done with a search
through some on-line book stores such as
Amazon or Barns and Nobles. Search engines can
also be used to see if books have been written on your subject.

Once you have written your book, there are several several publishing options.
But first consider hiring a professional editor who can not only clean up the
grammar and punctuation, but also give input on how to make the book
The following publishers are just a few who specialize in books related to health care
special education and disabilities.
therapro   Therapro, Inc.

occupational therapyPro-Ed Inc.

occupational therapyJessica Kingsley Publishers

occupational therapySlack Incorporated

occupational therapy Autism Asperger Publishing Company

occupational therapyPearson

occupational therapyWoodbine House

occupational therapy Future Horizons

There are also many other publishers that may be interested in a health care book.
However, many of the larger publishing houses such as Random House or  Little Brown,  will only look at manuscripts submitted through a literary agent.

occupational therapy However, many independent book sellers do not require literary agents. The Independent Book Publishers Association provides a directory of independent book sellers.

Self-publishing is another option. The benefits are:
  • You can get your book published quickly
  • You have greater control over the product
  • You will make greater royalties
The disadvantages to self-publishing are:
  • The finished product may not look as professional
  • You will have to do your own marketing
  • You may have to lay out money
occupational therapyoccupational therapy occupational therapy

Self-publishing companies vary a great deal. Some companies
print one copy on demand. Others will require a certain minimum printed.

Building Your Web Site

One of the best ways to promote your new book is through a web site.
You will need to choose:
  • Choose a web building program
  • Choose a web domain company
  • Submit your site to search engines
  • Find additional ways to send traffic to your site
I made my web site after coming across the book Create Your Own Website
by Scott Mitchell.
The book comes with a software to install the web making
program Mozilla. Other web building programs such as Page Maker or
Dream Weaver are more complex. However, you can
create a more
sophisticated web site with their tools. I used the web domain company
Godaddy. They also provide web site building tools.

Search Engines
Marketing Your New Book involves having your name get around!
  • Write articles for trade journals such as Advance for OT Practitioners and AOTA.
  • Write books review on Amazon and other on-line book sites or publications such as Associated Content.
  • Send your book out to be reviewed
  • Ask your local paper to write an article about your new book, especially if you will
  • be giving a talk.
  • Teach courses/be a guest lecturer
  • Seek out web site link exchanges
  • Purchase a bumper sticker with your web address
  • Write articles for publications related to your subject, including on-line journals
  • Get connected with blogs and social sites such as Facebook or My Space
  • Attend or present at conferences and provide book/website info
Brush up on your public speaking skills!

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