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Books about Sensory Integration Issues
  • Ayres, A. Jean, Sensory Integration and the Child, Western
  • Psychological Services, CA, 1979.
    This classic written by the original researcher and developer
    of sensory integration theory and treatment explains it all.
    This book is ideal for parents and teachers.

  • Ernsperger, Lori, Stegen-Hanson, Tania, Just Take a Bite,
    Future Horizons, Inc., Arlington, TX, 2004.
    A behavioral consultant and occupational therapist team up
    to explore oral motor development and the behavioral,
    sensory and motor issues that contribute to fussy eater

    Just Take a Bite
  • Grandin, Temple, Emergence: Labeled Autistic, Warner Books 1996.
  • Grandin gives great insight into her uncomfortable world of sensory
    overload as she describes her childhood and emergence into being
    self sufficient, well educated, productive adult with high functioning
    autism. I found her description of the "squeeze box" used to apply

    deep pressure of particular interest. Her other books Thinking in
    Pictures and  Animals in Translation continue to elaborate on the
    theme of how her sensory differences impact her world and enabled
    her to make her mark in the world of animal welfare and science.
  • Henry, Diana, Tools for Parents,  Henry OT Services, Inc.  P.O. Box 145,
  • Youngtown, Arizona, 85363,  2001.  
    A collection of "sensory diet" ideas for home and school.  The sequel
    Sensory Integration Tools for  Teens continues with "sensory diet"
    ideas designed with the teenager's needs in mind.
  • Miles, Brenda Smith, Cook, Katherine Tapscott, Miller Nancy E., Rinner,
  • Louann, Robbins, Lisa, Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues,
    Autism Asperger Publishing Co.Shawnee Mission, Kansas,  2000.
    This book written by occupational therapists, educators and autism
    professionals focuses on the
    sensory problems and treatment for
    individuals with Asperger's Syndrome.

    Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues

  • Trott, Maryann Colby, Laurel,  Marci K., Windeck, Susan, SensaAbilities,
  • The Psychological Corp., Texas, 1993.  An educator, speech therapist
    occupational therapist explore how difficulties interpreting sensations
    impact motor planning, arousal levels, language, emotions and organization.
    SensAbilities: Understanding Sensory Integration

  • Tupper, Lynne Courtney, Klosterman Miesner, Kathryn, School
  •  Hardening Sensory Integration Strategies for Class and Home,
    Therapy Skill Builders, TX, 1995.

    Two occupational therapists explain the sensory systems,
    evaluation tools and provide treatment ideas and case studies.

    School Hardening

  • Wilbarger, Patricia, Wilbarger, Julia, Sensory Defensiveness in Children
  • Aged 2-12, Avanti Educational Programs.
    This mother and daughter team of occupational therapists describe levels
    of sensory defensiveness and intervention approaches including "the
    brushing protocol" in their booklet and workshops.

  • William, Mary Sue, Shellenberger, Sherry, How Does Your Engine Run?
  • A Leader's Guide to The Alert Program for Self-Regulation, Therapy Works,
    Inc. Albuquerque, NM, 1994. Occupational therapists designed this program to
    make persons with sensory integration issues aware of their sensory needs
    and ways to self-regulate.

    How Does Your Engine Run?

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Websites with Information on Sensory Integration

    This is a comprehensive resource on treatment modalities and therapies
    for individuals with autism, including sensory integration and hippotherapy
    provided by parent  Valerie L. Richey MD, ND.
Information on sensory friendly movie theaters
  • Information on sensory integration, therapy, resources, toys,
    courses and workshops.

  • This therapy company's website includes a pediatric blog, information about Rhythmic Movement
    Training and a page of great sensory integration videos.

  • Sensory Resources sells books, audiotapes and videos about sensory integration.
    They sponsor workshops and provide great on-line resources
    related to therapy,
    education and parenting.

    sensory street
    Resources for those touched by Sensory Processing
    Disorders (SPD). Sensory Street offers workshops
    and seminars to help the community understand how
    it feels to live with SP issues and teach strategies to
    help those kids regulate and participate.
    The Sensory Processing Disorder Network provides links for
    parents,educators andhealth care professionals, a health care
    directory and parent support connections.
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Books With Activities to Encourage Movement
  • Angermeier, Patricia, Krzyzanowski, Joan, Keller Moir, Kristina,
  • Learning in Motion: Practical Strategies to Increase Learning and
     Sensory Resources,  Las Vegas,  NV, 2006.
    Creative movement, arts and crafts and games designed by
    occupational therapists to improve learning.

    Learning in Motion
  • Fluegelman, Andrew,  The New Games Book, A Dolphin book/
  • Doubleday/New York, 1976. This classic provides noncompetitive
    games for all ages.

    The New Games Book
  • Hannaford, Carla, Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head,
  • Great Ocean Publishers,  Atlanta, GA, 1995.
    The author makes the case for improving brain power and education
    by integrating movement into the day.  

    Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head
  • Vecchione, glen, The World's Best Street and Yard Games, Sterling
  • Publishing Co., Inc. New York, 1989. It's all about fun, movement,
    playing, socializing and being a kid using little more than a ball, rope,
    chalk or marbles.

    The World's Best Street and Yard Games

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Books, Videos and Websites about Yoga

  • Bersma, Danielle and Visscher, Marjoke, Yoga Games for Children,
    Hunter House, Inc. CA,  2003
  • Lots of games to introduce breathing techniques,  yoga postures,
    relaxation, sitting still and trust games.

    Yoga Games for Children
  • Komitor, Jodi, Complete Idiot's guide to Yoga with Kids, Alpha
  • Publishing, 2000.
    This book is full of various stretching exercises,

    poses and activities for adults and kids to enjoy together or individually.

    Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga with Kids
  • Shaw, Beth, YogaFit, Human Kinetics, Ill, 2001.
  • Shaw's books and videos provide easy to follow instructions.
    Beth Shaw's Yogafit
  • Angel Bear Yoga teaches through books, CD's and DVD's how to incorporate
    imagery, animal poses and entertainment into the yoga practice for kids.
    The program also attaches a symbolic character building lesson to each pose,
    following a storyline.
  • Players move around the board and either get to plant
    a flower, put up a piece of night sky or perform a yoga position.
    The goal is to get the garden planted before the night sky is full. 
    Yoga Garden is a cooperative game created by Jennifer Durand.
Web Sites with Movement Activities

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