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Still Giving Kisses

 A Guide to Helping and Enjoying the
Alzheimer's Victim You Love

By Barbara A. Smith M.S., OTR/L

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The title of this book reflects one of the few remaining motor acts
my mother was able to perform. Yet, this was a highly significant
motor act, one that symbolized a continuing connectedness between
myself and the Alzheimer's victim I loved.

Now I want to share what I have learned over the last eight years as
my mother succumbed to Alzheimer’s Disease. I learned to help
my mother utilize her remaining functional skills and enjoy life.
You will read a compelling memoir of a woman whose earlier
mental health problems compounded the challenges of memory
impairment. The many therapeutic techniques, adaptations and
teaching tools I share are all tricks of the occupational therapy
trade with my special added touch of creative activities. Extensive
resources and medical, legal and care-giving information provide
survival tools.

Although I wrote this book primarily for friends and family of
Alzheimer's victims, Still Giving Kisses provides a framework
for health care professionals entering the field of geriatrics. Indeed,
I wish this resource had been available when my mother mother
began showing the earliest symptoms.