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The answer to Question number 1 in the Disability Awareness quiz is B

Temple Grandin

Dr. Grandin is one of the most accomplished and well-known individuals with autism.
In her first book Emergence: Labeled Autistic she provides the reader with the inside
view of growing up with a sensory processing disorder which made touch and loud
sounds unbearable.  Influenced by her observation of animals calming down when
squeezed, Grandin designed a similar squeeze machine for herself which provided
the deep pressure she craved.

Today Dr. Grandin travels around the world lecturing on humane animal treatment and
autism. Her latest best seller, Animals in Translation explains how her disability enables
her to relate to animals and thus, her ability to design humane livestock equipment.
Photographs and more information can be found at
Animals in Translation
Emergence: Labeled Autistic
Thinking in Pictures
Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships
Developing Talents: Careers for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism

Animals in Translation

A. Jean Ayres

Dr. Ayres was the revolutionary researcher and premier author who led the way to our
understanding of sensory integration disorders. Her book Sensory Integration and the
written in 1979 explains in easy to understand language the different syndromes
and treatment modalities. Ayres obtained a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy
and a doctorate in educational psychology at the University of Southern California.  Here
she began to formulate her theories on dysfunctions in sensory integration.  In 1972 the
organization Sensory Integration International was established to further her work.

Sensory Integration and The Child

Carol Stock Kranowitz

Ms. Kranowitz is the author of the best selling classic The Out -of-Sync Child. As a seasoned
teacher Kranowitz recognized the many symptoms of sensory integration dysfunction in her
classroom and designed successful environments and a sensory diet of activities to  help
children focus and learn. Her second book The Out of Sync Child has Fun continues on the
theme of providing the right activities for success.

The Out-Of-Sinc Child

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple, child star in over 40 movies in the 1930's,  provides an example of excellent
sensory integration abilities. She stole our hearts as she tap danced, sang, acted across the
movie screen. In 1950 Ms. Temple married Charles Alden Black and took his last name. She
became involved in Republican Party politics, unsuccessfully running for Congresswoman
in 1967. Black went on to hold several diplomatic posts.  


Liane Holliday Willey

Ms. Willey has written articles and books about her life and experiences as an adult with
Asperger's Syndrome.  Her book Pretending to be Normal provides an insider look at her
daily struggles and challenges and includes appendices for coping strategies and guidance.

Pretending To Be Normal

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