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         Barbara Learns Vaulting at Divinity Farm

 I am starting out with holding the "Riding Seat" position with arms out. Raising arms above my head, first one
 at a time, then both and placing hands on thighs all work on balance and motor planning.

riding seat                     riding seat arms up

riding hands on thighs                      one arm up

This position with my heels behind me is surprisingly comfortable. I have been trying to help a client develop the trunk and
leg strength and flexibility to sit cross legged in school. I really think that she should work with a physical therapist, but
since that isn't going to happen, I am happy that I decided to work on this goal by having her sit a few laps with one leg crossed
with hip in external rotation and the other leg hanging.

leg on croup   legs behind external rotation

cross legged backwards          half cross legged


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©2008 Barbara Smith