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Each set includes:
weavable 1
1. Four boards (rectangle, square, circle, triangle)
2. Weaving strips (they are white in the photo)
3.  Eighteen colorful shapes

Now take a closer look below and imagine what the children in your life can make as they develop finger dexterity:

weavables 2   weavables 6   weavables 7
weavable 3 weavables 8

weavables 4 weavables 9

weavables 5  weavables 10 weavables 11

weavables 12 weavables 13

Of course, you can always make your own !!!!
The directions are all here.... in my Kindle E book:
The Almost Complete Plastic Bottle Activity book

Why Weavable Toys?

Weaving plastic strips develops strong fingers as children create  recognizable objects such as :
  • letters
  • shapes
  • animals
  • food
Just like with puzzles, children need to discriminate spatial, size and length relationships in order to fit pieces together.

One strip can be woven through only 2 notches to make a  vertical or diagonal cross. Note that I designed the yellow and red diagonal cross so that after they are connected, they remain in the diagonal X relationships. The blue and orange cross can simply be rotated to be either vertical or diagonal. Many 4-6 year old children struggle with forming the diagonal lines required to write letters such as X, Y, W, V  or M. This activity helps children to discriminate the vertical and diagonal lines that form letters and numbers.

Forming Lines
   weaving vertical cross     weaving diagonalx

After children become adept at weaving through 2 notches they are ready to weave through several notches in one "line" and then shapes that have 2 or more "lines".

Punching holes in the strip is optional and adds complexity since the child will have to align the 2 pieces before lacing.....
weaving one strip

Gift Box
giftwithbowThe yellow strip is woven horizontally across.
The pink bow is woven vertically.

This teaches children that rectangles are made of short and long lines.

They learn directionality terms-"across","up", "down", "horizontal" and "vertical" as they weave "in" and "out".

This rectangle is a bit trickier because the child needs to position each L shape matching long and short sides before weaving them into place.

weaving valentine
Weaving shapes with only 2 notches is similar to stringing beads but develops strong fingers as they push the plastic through. Weaving requires more advanced motor planning skills and attaching these small valentines to create a belt or head piece is a great way to begin.


  weaving board 

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